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Mount tmpfs[edit]

Creates a temporary ramdisk which content will be removed when unmounted. Fast reading and writing.

Code: Mounting a 1GB ramdisk using tmpfs
mount -t tmpfs tmpfs /mnt/tmp -o size=1g

Mount bind[edit]

Bind mounting makes SRC available as both SRC and DST. Files will be accesable from both SRC and DST.

Code: cli
mount --bind SRC DST
Code: fstab
SRC DST none bind 0 0

Mount move[edit]

Used to move a mountpoint from SRC to DST. Files will only be accesable from DST.

mount --move SRC DST

Mount loopback[edit]

Loopback can be used to mount images (both harddisk images and cd iso)

mount -o loop SRC DST
Code: Create empty disk image
dd if=/dev/zero of=DST bs=4096 count=10000
mke2fs DST